Sneak Attack!

As the only (human) ninja, overcome mystical creatures towards the path of glory!

Your only sensei is your enemies. Recruit powerful allies! Learn. Fight. Die. And repeat! Sneak up on your enemies like a skilled Ninja… Or stand face to face with your foe to collect your medals! Combatting with the likes of a dragon, Gorgon, tiger… and illegal parking; exploring the endless, green fields, you’ll encounter and fight alongside a knight, amongst a host of characters throughout the game.

DISCLAIMER: I started making this game before the Squid Game was realesed! Scout's honour!

Trailer inspired by Rick & Morty: Two Brothers

  • Media : 2D
  • Genre : Arcade, Casual, Endless Runner
  • Platform : iOS, Android
  • Release Year : 2023
  • Tags : Single Player, Comedy, Cartoon


Sneak Attack!, originally titled Ninja Run!, is my first attempt at narrative design. It is based on an old driveway game "Red Light Green Light", which is familiar to many of us back in Hong Kong, and I decided to add a twist to the classic game. The original driveway game was widely re-populated later by the South Korean television series Squid Game (2021).

Game Design

The format of the game was changed from the classic format of a competitive PvP game into a single player endless runner. There is still a visual indicator of the countdown, but as the player progresses, the difficulty increases incrementally through frequency of the enemy spawn as well as enemy variety.

As an arcade game in mobile format, we heightened the thrill of dying and repeating, with tricky and unusual controls, as well as unpredictable enemies. Some with simply a random interval countdown, some are triggered with player speed, some just won't tell you when they're coming.

By design, game progression is influenced by complimenting an element of luck with a players lever of skill. Mastering the control of a character and understanding the logic of enemies make the game easier, and the points collected allow the player to unlock trickier but more enjoyable player characters. With the appearance of enemies mostly random, the players are meant be surprised and caught off guard. The achievement / medals system lets you collect a trophy for each type of enemy, only when that enemy type bested you. Experimentation is encouraged and there's no need to play it safe all the time!

  • Interesting Character Control
  • Humorous Art
  • Collectible Characters
  • Collectible Medals
  • Endless Challenge
  • Game & Narrative Design:Kevin Luk
  • Programming: Joshua Worth, Dylan Imrei
  • Art: Captchips, Aiden Mclaren, Chewtoi, Renato Autore, Alif
  • Sound and Music:Corey Taylor